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Please visit us there to see our full range of available pickups.

The present site with selected products is dedicated to customers outside Europe.







August 27, 2018:

Pickups now available at my new site www.flatpup.com

August, 2018: Cheapo-bucker hot price

Inspired by other cheapos, this pickups offers significantly less windings and less price!

July, 2018: Running at full and new Flatpup Slim

In March 2011 I introduced the Original Flatpup. Seven years later the new Flatpup "Slim" is brand new - and already copied! So it must be gooood ;-) <here>

May 30, 2018: Open for pre-orders, shipping in July

Feb 18, 2018: Shop closed temporarily

Jan 20, 2018: Going on

Flatpup brass

Still studying fulltime, still making pickups to get me through: Thanks to loyal customers, to begin with Justin Johnson, for sticking to the Original Flatpup.

Dec 10, 2017: Thank you.

End of the year, Christmas season. I thank my loyal customers for ordering at Original Flatpup. You support my studies which I will hopefully finish in 2018. The shop is closing till Feb. Loyal customers feel free to contact me, looking forward to your request.



Oct 23, 2017: Shop open

... and here's a lot to do.

August 27, 2017: Webshop is open & Offers at my Facebook site

The shop is open again; pickups are available as long as stock lasts.

Intersted in news & offers? - Keep an eye at my facebook site Original Flatpup & Sixtus guitar pickups

July 29, 2017: August hiatus

Aahh... it's a good year. Now it's time for a break. During August, only the Flatpup FP3 "classic" with aluminum housing are available - there are plenty on stock ;-)

 May 2, 2017: Shop open !!

The prices of Flatpup "classic" dropped significantly ;-)

And even more good news: The FP3 "classic" in aluminum now proudly displays its name:

Now it's time to work. Let them pickups roll!

 Feb 9, 2017: Shop closed. I need to fulfil ongoing orders first; and I have to study for exams. I guess I'll be back mid of May or so. Frequent, loyal customers please send me a note in case there's an urgent need. Thanks for your understanding

Feb 1, 2017: Shop open for a while

I am pleased to serve frequent customers with my pickups, which allows me to pay for my studies. This means, that my capacity for new customers is limited though. Now in February, the shop is open for a short while.

August 26, 2016: Hot Indian summer

Phew! This summer was hot - also with respect to my pickups. The number of coil windings have been raised to make them hotter. Also the production output has raised, thanks to my loyal customers and the newly gained clients of our other brand "Sixtus pickups".

July, 2016: New "Sixtus Mikro" pickups!

Smaller than the classic Flatpup, even smalller than the "mini" pickups: The Sixtus Mikro pickups are only 22mm in width! Available at www.sixtus-pickups.com as magnetic pickups for CBG, mandolin and banjo.

 July, 2016: Bare Twin pack offer

Summer's here: Two Flatpup 3 "bare" for 50 USD incl shipping!

These bare FP3 are only protected by tranparent tape; no dress, no cover to hide behind, no fine brown frame around. Make your CBGs electric with these surface mount pickups <here> and get our news at our facebook site https://www.facebook.com/flatpup

Offer valid till July 31, 2016. Not applicable for Flatpup "Minibar"or Sixtus pickups.

May, 2016: Twin pack offer

Two Flatpup "classic" for 60 USD incl shipping! Choose either FP3 or FP4: 

Offer valid till May 31, 2016. Not applicable for Flatpup "Minibar" or Sixtus pickups.

January 31, 2016: Free shipping offer

for Flatpup orders till February 11, 2016.

January 1, 2016: Happy New Year!

We have implemented paypal buttons to order pickups. Now the pickups are quoted in Euros only. Due to the current decline of the Euro, the exchange rate should be rather favourable for customer outside Europe ;-)

For frequent customers I'm also prepared to grant retail discounts as usual. Just send me your list of required pickups.

August 19, 2015: Proudly presenting "SIXTUS guitar pickups"

Our new brand of pickups is especially designed as add-on pickups for electric guitars and resonator guitars. Just like the Original Flatpup for cigar box guitar pickups, SIXTUS pickups are flat & top mount... outside the box!

Check out the new site at www.sixtus-pickups.com

April, 2015: Another dimension

The classic Flatpup is as wide and broad as a common humbucker. Now we developped a new Flatpup with a reduced width: 20% less width! The output was also raised. Now comes the testing to get a reliable impression of sound characteristics. And of course, that new thingy will get a proper name...


March, 2015: Flatpup making history

Still overwhelmed - The Vienna Technical Museum accepted Flatpup pickups as exhibits for their musical instruments collection. Fricken awesome that is!

Jan, 2015: Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best regardless which year we count!

This year we roll on at a feasibly low production rate. We are no fabric, nor a business unit condemned to grow. We are diy guys who make stuff like that, check out my diy winder with automatic wire feed:

Dec, 2014: Flatpup Magnetic Zither pickup

It's long. Loooong. The pickup is put under the steel strings and is immediately ready to play. I used it on my Grandma's 32-string zither from mid 1920s. Check out the details <here>


Feb 17, 2014: Flatpup for archtop guitars 

Flatpup 6 MR-C with polished brass covers, embedded into curved mounting rings.

A super flat humbucker-pickup for arched tops and LP style guitars.

Due to the convincing concept of the Flatpup guitar pickups, I was approached to enter a cooperation with another pickup provider. As part of our agreement I shared my know-how with Dan Sleep from Humidor guitars. We are now both producing and offering our own pickups independently, but based on the same Flatpup principle. I think this will vitalize the market :-)

Jan 25, 2014: New Year, new provider

Due to the convincing concept of the Flatpup guitar pickups, I was approached to enter a cooperation with another pickup provider. As part of our agreement I shared my know-how with Dan Sleep from Humidor guitars. We are now both producing and offering our own pickups independently, but based on the same Flatpup principle. I think this will vitalize the market :-)

Dec 4, 2013: The year is almost done

Many thanks for having visited my site or for having purchased one - or more! - of my pickups. This year was great! I saw so many guitars running on Flatpups. The best thing is the warm and friendly way in dealing with each other.

I wish you and your loved ones all the best for the holidays and the upcoming 2014!

October 22, 2013: break in October

The shop is closed in October to focus on other things of personal interest. - Rock on!

September 24, 2013: Flatpup 6 "Vienna" art déco now modified

  • more accurate new stamping jig
  • displays a slightly elliptic dotted pattern for a better optical integration into archtop guitars
  • optional dog-ears with 1+2 mounting holes for flexible height adjustment
  • developped as neck pickup



 August 26, 2013: Flatpup "Griddies"


Especially designed for resonator guitars with metallic body

August 22, 2013: Speeding up production

   Simple rubber rings as bobbin edges reduce the preparation time.

June 18, 2013: Gift-a-buddy offer week!

Buy two Original Flatpup pickups for yourself and get a free one for a buddy! Conditions:

  • Valid for orders between June 24 until June 30, 2013.
  • The offer exclusively refers to Flatpup pickups either (1) without frame, or (2) with wooden frame or (3) the Bullion version in plain brass housing.
  • The free Flatpup pickup for your buddy is of the same kind as the two pickups which you ordered for yourself.
  • The free pickup is for your buddy. Not for yourself, your Mom or someone else who passes it back to you ;-)
  • When paypalling the money, please indicate both your address and the shipping address of your buddy.
  • The prices for the pickups are as quoted on this site.
  • The shipping fee is only charged for your pickups. Your buddy's free pickup will be sent free of charge!

June 17, 2013: Expanding!

In response to my limited production capacity, Original Flatpup has entered into a cooperation with Trash Design Manufaktur in Vienna, Austria. Their business is to upcycle consumer scratch to design objects. Also their man labour is upcycled: Former jobless persons - like myself - proove their skills in creating trash design objects.


Up to now, the other goods of Trash Design Manufaktur are only marketed within the EU.

May/June, 2013: Sound engineering

Together with a guitar sound enthusiast we spent many hours in investigation. The Flatpups were a lucky punch the way they are, but it's about time to dig a bit deeper. We luckily have identified the factors which made the Flatpups for 6 or more string guitars to thin and twangy at the bridge position. As a result, a new iron core was tested, which turned out to be excellent. A small series of Flatpup 6 is currently being prepared to verify the first impressions.

May 6, 2013: Limited production

I am overwhelmed by the very good customer feedback and the growing demand for Flatpups of all kind - THANK YOU!

Nevertheless, this is still a hobby with limited time. Furthermore, I have to follow a sales limit by the authorities. This means that from the beginning of each month I can accept orders until my sales limit is reached.

April, 2013: Next innovation - Pole shade magnets to adjust the volume of the b and e-string on phosphor-bronze string sets


February 19, 2013 - Time off

The shop is open again in May. Meanwhile, thank you for your patience.

January 7, 2013: New "Flatpup" magnetic pickup for violins submitted as patent!


December 11, 2012: Season end

I want to thank you guys who have bought one or more Flatpups since they came out in March 2011. It's quite a bunch of guitars that run on Flatpups! I'm sorry to announce the shop is closed till the end of the year.

Meanwhile, enjoy Christmas with your family and friends and whoever is in your company. I'm building up stock to be prepared for your orders in January. Please feel free to make a reservation for January 2013, send a message to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Merry Christmas!

November 3, 2012: Showcase at TEDx Vienna "Instanity"

(foto: derstandard.at)

October 16, 2012: The Flatpup presented in the German Grand Guitars Magazine!

Both online and in the print version


October 15, 2012: Flatpup beer can pickup

October 14, 2012: The first etched Brass Flatpup!

artistic salt-water etched and patinated housings for the Flatpup guitar pickups

September 20, 2012: The first "Vienna" art déco brass covers

September 18, 2012: Break.

Due to the recent sales volume and limitted time, the next orders can be accepted from October on. If you would like to make a reservation, please just contact me.

August 11, 2012: New frame design

The new standard frame is black and rectangular. And it's not necessarily cut from cigar boxes.

August 1, 2012: After a break in July, the webshop is open again.

June 27, 2012: Flatpups without frame - the "Bare" version

June 28, 2012: Flatpup-presentation at the Acoustic Research Institute in Vienna

It's a great honour to present the Flatpup to engineers and scientists at the Acoustic Research Institute, an institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. I'm looking forward to the discussion and innovative ideas that might develop....

June, 2, 2012 Exhibition together with Brigitte Radeschnig

at the Café Horizont, Yppenplatz, 1160 Vienna

June 1, 2012: Open day Exhibition at the Trash Design Manufaktur, Vienna

Artistic design objects made of trash.... just the right place to show our Klangbox Guitars with Flatpup pickups.

Vogtgasse 29, 1140 Vienna

May 16, 2012: Flatpup featured at Guitarworld.com

Check out How to build a smokin' Cigar box guitar part 4 by Brian Saner (Sanercigarboxguitars.com). That's big!

May 5, 2012: New pickup system for violins developped, now running tests.

April 17, 2012: Flatpup n° 200 wound today

April 10, 2012: New Flatpup 5 for five string instruments such as banjos now available

February 24, 2012: Happy first birthday, Flatpup! In the past year, 160 Flatpups have been produced.

 January 2012: www.original-flatpup.com goes online